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5 stars - "Unmatched Carpet Cleaning Results" We have used Chem-Dry for the past 26 years. When we moved to Phoenix, we contacted ASAP Chem-Dry to be our carpet cleaning company. No other carpet cleaning product nor company has ever matched the deep cleaning Chem-Dry produces!!! Also, our carpets stay clean longer. Thank you, Charlie and Jane, for your services. We know when we call the results we are going to've never let us down.
Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale AZ

If you need a professional carpet cleaner in Scottsdale AZ, you’ve come to the right place! We are highly talented individuals when it comes to cleaning, really cleaning your carpets. We are able to go deep within your carpets to clean your carpets, remove stains, and remove pet urine odors and smells. We also are able to do the same for your area and oriental rugs. If you need your carpets cleaner, in any fashion, give us a call or schedule your appointment today!

Experts at Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ

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Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaners in Scottsdale AZ?

Do you need someone who’s skilled at cleaning carpets in Scottsdale, AZ? At ASAP Chem-Dry are experts when it comes to cleaning your carpets. We have advanced equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure you get a deep and satisfying clean. When we finish cleaning your carpets they’ll look amazing, your carpets will be flawless. Our carpet cleaning method will remove your basic carpet stains. We use a hot carbonating extraction process which uses the power of carbonation to get a deep and outstanding clean. By using this method our cleaning solution goes deep into your carpets and attach to your carpets fibers and with the help of our equipment we are able to extract the dirt, grime, allergens, and bacteria. If you want an incredible carpet cleaning, contact us at ASAP Chem-Dry, we look forward to meeting and working with you.

Hot Carbonation Extraction Carpet Cleaning Scottsdale AZ

Are you familiar with hot carbonation extraction when it comes to cleaning your carpets? If not, let us explain how it works and how it can benefit you. It’s similar to how club soda works on removing stains. There are a ton of bubbles that attach to your carpets fibers to help dissolve dirt, helps remove stains quickly, and it acts as a propellant. This makes it easier, with our equipment, to whisk away the dirt and gunk. Our cleaning method is very effective and by doing it this way, we don’t need to use much water. Typically, when you get your carpets steam cleaned, they use a lot of water and it can take days for your carpets to dry. Since, we don’t use much water your carpets will dry quicker, it a matter of hours, you’ll be helping the environment, and you reduce your chances of mold and mildew forming under your carpets. Our carpet cleaning product doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, soaps, or detergents. This gives you a healthy cleaning and you can know that your kids and pets will be safe! Give us a call to learn more or go ahead and schedule your appointment!

Get a Healthy and Professional Carpet Cleaning

ASAP Chem-Dry cares about the health, happiness, and cleanliness of your home. That’s why we created a special carpet cleaning solution called, The Natural®. Our product is non-toxic and green-certified, all our ingredients in this product come from mother nature. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s not very effective because it’s healthy. This is a powerful solution that gives your carpets an unbelievable clean. It’s truly amazing. Once we finish cleaning your carpets you’ll love our service and clean that you get. You can feel good knowing that your carpets are cleaned in a healthy solution that is safe for your family (furry friends included) and friends. It’s great for the environment too! What more can you ask for? Give us a call today or schedule your appointment, we can’t wait to work with you.

ASAP Chem-Dry Will Remove Your Carpet Stains

In Scottsdale, your basic carpet stains can be removed with our professional carpet cleaning. Sometimes, there are very difficult stains that don’t seem to budge, no matter what you do. These stains need a special stain remover and professionals to get rid of them. When it comes to removing those stubborn stains, we’re experts. We have the tools and solutions to get those difficult carpet stains. We have a variety of carpet stain solutions to remove them. We don’t want you to worry when you get a carpet stain, it can be very frustrating. But, we truly are professionals and we’ll even get rid of carpet stains that other companies won’t bother to touch. Take a look at some stains that we are able to remove. If you have any other stains or questions give us a call! We are more than willing to answer any questions that you may have!

  • Food stains (chocolate, jelly, ketchup)
  • Blood
  • Pet Accidents
  • Dirt and Mud
  • Tomato Juice, Soda, Kool-Aid
  • Grass
  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • And many more!

Scottsdale AZ Professional Area and Oriental Rug Cleaners

Adding a beautiful oriental or area rug can make a huge statement in your home. Rugs are not only decorative they can help protect your floors beneath. Often times area and oriental rugs are placed in high trafficked areas, this means they can get dirty pretty quickly. When this happens it can be very difficult to clean them due to the delicate fabrics and coloring. That’s where we step in, we are experts when it comes to getting an incredible clean. Our equipment is tough on dirt and stains yet gentle enough not to ruin even the most delicate fabric. In fact, once we’re done cleaning your rugs in Scottsdale they’ll be brighter and more refreshing looking. If you need your area or oriental rugs cleaned call the professionals at ASAP Chem-Dry.

Rugs, whether it’s an area or oriental one, can add a certain beauty to your home. They make your home feel more warm and personalized. But, rugs have many other purposes, such as protecting your floors beneath, such as hardwoods. They are usually in the more trafficked areas of your homes, which means that they may get dirty pretty quickly.

We Will Remove Your Pet Urine Odors and Stains in Scottsdale, AZ

Pets are apart of your family, they are loving and fun to be around. Like family, they have accidents. When they have this potty accident on your carpets, it can make your carpets and home smell awful. It can be difficult to completely remove the smell from your carpets and home, especially if you have no idea where your pet had their accident. We’re here to save the day! We have special tools and products that remove the smell and stains completely and if you don’t know where to clean up, we have our ultraviolet light that can detect where the accident occurred. If you need your pet urine odor or stains removed in Scottsdale, AZ, give us a call or schedule your appointment online today!